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Our Awesome Online Canada Pharmacy Story 

From our earliest days, our story was unlikely. We are a company started by an entrepreneur who wanted to create something that creates something that would make a positive difference to other people’s lives. Our company’s humble and unlikely beginnings are foundational to what we’ve built today.

We were underdogs, and actually felt that way.
Now we are leaders in this space, and we vow to stay hungry and focused on our mission.

We are a pharmaceutical company scaling more like a technology company, and we are just getting started. 

At Canada Pharmacy we want to continuously improve at making people’s lives better. We connect other passionate healthcare parties to form an agile & powerful team, so that we can improve patient well-being together. On top of that, we provide high-quality superior healthcare products and services at the most affordable prices, which include both prescription medicine and health products for consumers. We are more than just an online pharmaceutical company: we are an international healthcare organization.

Our Canada Pharmacy is about our ultimate goal is to provide safe, result-oriented and affordable prescription drugs to patients across the globe. In short, our goal is to make healthcare more affordable and make available to you brand and generic medications at unbeatable prices. We rely on our international partners, just like our customers rely on us. 

We are focused on improving affordable healthcare and quality of life. And improvement always starts with honesty. That’s a promise.

We strive to improve people’s health every day. We do more than just provide a service or sell products and medicines. We make a difference to make people’s lives just that little better. That is why our work puts a smile on the faces of our team members every day. Every day, we harness our passion for healthcare to improve people’s well-being.

When we first launched Canada Pharmacy we would most certainly have been considered a late entrant. The incumbents that came before us paved the way – though that didn’t scare us, as what was available in the market for affordable prescriptions, simply didn’t fit our use-case, and more importantly, truly didn’t solve the problem(s) that consumers were actually facing overpriced prescription drugs.

We started this journey as unsatisfied affiliate marketers with vendors that would charge exorbitant prices to patients for prescription drugs.

At the time, we figured that there were other patients out there that felt the same way we did:

  • that just because there are hundreds of known competitors, it didn’t mean we had to target their customers to gain market share, we could enter the online prescription market and help to grow the size of the pie, not the size of our slice.
  • that it was bizarre that when we visited the online pharmacy websites of many competitors, they were and still are – almost always offline.

So we decided to ignore our competitors, and focused on our patients – a strategy many would consider as ‘putting the blinders on’ – we call it the secret to our success.

And believe us when we tell you, we know that sounds like hyperbole, though when simple things like just being available to help customers get their account signed up, became a massive frustration we knew we were on to something.

Fueled by a fundamental belief that having access to Canada Pharmacy affordable prescription products at an affordable price creates opportunity. We are committed to providing prescription products at affordable unbeatable prices and empowering customers globally to find the lowest prescription medications by providing high quality prescription products from registered and licensed independent pharmacies across the globe.  Through a combination of strategic partnerships with licensed pharmacies internationally we offer a broad selection of carefully curated, peer-reviewed regulated prescriptions at unbeatable prices because we know that price and choice matters in order to ensure that you as a patient are always 100% satisfied.

We’re a fast-growing, independently owned and operated company with a widespread network consisting of international  agents, distributors, dealers, licensed pharmacies, pharmaceutical suppliers and exporters that make up our company. Our offices  are there to facilitate that connection, thus fostering a truly global support network. 

Whether you’re looking for a brand prescription, or you simply want an affordably priced generic equivalent, you can be confident that you’ll have a truly exceptional experience with us at Canada Pharmacy in making choices that you can trust for yourself and your family.

We want to make you, our patient, our partner – and we will make it our mission and our purpose to bring you the best prices – to help you get affordable branded and generic medication across the globe from reputable licensed pharmacies, and evolve with you on your journey to source all your branded and generic medications.

The thing is… you, our patients made us who and what we are.

Your feedback, your ideas, your input, your patience and your loyalty — All our contracting pharmacies have been molded and shaped into what you wanted it to be. You are our maker.

And to us, you are everything.

As a result, millions of forward-thinking patients now use our Canada Pharmacy to get closer to their medication suppliers.

There was no way we were going to enter an incredibly competitive and crowded space, and just try and build a better mousetrap. That’s entrepreneurial suicide.

So we ignored our competitors, and focused on our patients – a strategy many would consider as ‘putting the blinders on’ – we call it the secret to our success.

And believe us when we tell you, we know that sounds like hyperbole, though when simple things like just being available to help patients get their accounts opened, became a massive differentiator we knew we were on to something.

Let us explain: Just being a simple service was never going to be enough we had to be the best. 

When first planning out our model, we figured that:

  • We wanted to build a patient centric model, so that a patient could share their account with family members without having to have two completely separate accounts. Something nobody else does.
  • We wanted to build patient collaboration in health care all in one customer account, by offering Direct Messaging, & live chat all in one.
  • We wanted every patient to use our service without having to fork over silly amounts of $ for expensive prescriptions.
  • Our live chat support contact is always available for a quick message, and if we are not online, we shall make every effort to respond as soon as possible, with a commitment towards absolutely delighting our patients. Check out our customer stories.
  • We wanted to only ever save our customers money and derive value and benefit, not just by limiting access to certain products or putting time limits and restrictions on service and availability.

That was a long read, but hopefully you now know us a little better now at our Awesome Online Canada pharmacy.

Now, if you are thinking of ordering your medication online, even in the smallest quantity, and you think that you can get a better price and service elsewhere, and can provide a better service; then we say go for it!

Don’t believe the myths out there about accreditation by independently owned non-government voluntary accreditation programs. They are not associated with or mandated by any governmental body. And in most cases have a beneficial and vested interest in the pharmacies whom they have accredited with their seal of approval. The laws, regulations, policies and practices governing international pharmacies vary from country to country. Read the fine print and don’t listen to the negative press releases put out by these associations or naysayers, they don’t know any more than you do – and often less. All Canada pharmacy suppliers and associate  pharmacies adhere to strict  guidelines of the Ministry of Health in their country of origin.

What does that mean for you?

Our team of internationally licensed and accredited pharmaceutical experts offer an unmatched array of products that provide the right price for the best value.  Patient relationships are important; we strive to be the best we can be and guarantee to always save you money.