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Canada Pharmacist Contact - Canadian Pharmacy Online

Canada Pharmacist Contact: If you have any questions, please contact Canada Pharmacy
using this form for or Call Us Toll Free at: 1-833-356-6337, email, or chat with us.


Terms and Conditions:

Before submitting your questions to our Canadian Pharmacy, you must understand that any information provided to you is not a substitute for health care advice. You understand and agree that consultants at Canada Pharmacy Online do not provide any medical diagnosis since they are not authorized to do so, and the information of any such published consultations is intended solely for your general knowledge, and is not about replacing what your doctor, your local pharmacist or nurse might tell you. You understand and agree the advice should not be seen as an incentive to deal with multiple pharmacies and/or pharmacists in any specific country of origin, and the laws and regulations may vary depending on the laws in my country of residency. Therefore, you understand and agree that you must visit with your local pharmacy in your place of residency, to ensure that your pharmacist has in their possession all the information necessary for the proper treatment of my inquiries. You understand and agree you cannot rely on it to diagnose or treat an illness. You understand and agree you must consult with your own doctor if you need medical advice. You also understand and agree that all labels and instructions on the package or in the product description of recommended or otherwise mentioned products must be read carefully and fully followed. You further agree that by submitting your inquiry, you have read and agree to all the terms and conditions, and you agree to be bound by these Legal Terms & Conditions.

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